Meet The Team

Meet the team helping people feel better with our luxury gift hampers



Holly’s goal is to spread positivity across the UK by providing gorgeously presented, lovingly created gift hampers. With 9 years’ experience working as a project manager for a top London magazine, her knowledge of healthcare and lifestyle brands is significant, giving her a great insight into what the market has to offer. She has undoubted creative flair and a meticulous eye, meaning everything she puts her mind to she does with ingenuity and a strive for perfection. You can be sure she’ll put this attitude into every Feel Better Box she makes. She also understands how hard it is when you’re not feeling yourself and what a difference it makes feeling loved and supported from family and friends.

When Holly isn’t packaging up joy with her Feel Better Boxes she’ll be out creating memories with her husband and three children or enjoying a delicious cocktail with her friends.



Sarah - Founder - Feel Better Box


Sarah is the effervescent founder of Feel Better Box

Launched to acclaim in 2015, Sarah’s business has already helped hundreds of people feel better connected, supported, recognised and celebrated.

The idea came to Sarah when her and her 2 children were lying miserably ill on their sofa - with her husband away and her family living 500 miles away, she suddenly had a light bulb moment - what if she had a care package that contained everything she needed to help her and her family feel better? As soon as she was back on her feet, she was packing up rescue remedies for the many occasions in life when we could use a pick me up that’s straight from the heart.

When you’re on a mission to help people feel better, there are no cutting corners and Sarah’s dedication to this mission is what has inspired Holly to launch Feel Better Box UK. Sarah’s insight and business know-how has been invaluable to Holly and whether it’s advice on brands or customer satisfaction, Sarah is always around to lend a hand – even if it is over Facetime!




Holly's little helpers and the biggest reason she started Feel Better Box UK 

Emmy is six, Jack is two and Harry was born in September 2020.